[council] GNSO Council Session with ICANN CEO - Sunday 14 july 2013

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I agree.

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We are scheduled to have a ½ hour session with Fadi Chehade on Sunday 14 July from 09h30 – 10h00.


This is separate from and in addition to our session with the ICANN board so is an opportunity for the Council to focus on issues relevant to our work and specific to Fadi in his capacity as CEO.


I talked with Fadi yesterday and we talked about a couple of significant initiatives underway, both typically led by a CEO.  The first is his on-going design and reorganisation of ICANN and the second is his leadership of the ICANN strategic plan.


My opinion is that these are two significant initiatives that it would be helpful to understand, know more about and have the opportunity to question Fadi directly on.  

He is likely to bring Akram Atalla with him to the meeting.


Therefore two questions:


1.       Do you agree that the Council could usefully engage with Fadi on:

a.       Organisation of ICANN ?
(How does this impact and affect the GNSO?)

b.      Strategic planning for ICANN?
(How does this impact and affect the GNSO and how should we be involved?)

2.       Within the constraints of a short time, are there other topics we could usefully discuss with Fadi?
(other than what we will discuss with the board as a whole)


Thank-you in advance for your input.




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