[council] A basis for collaboration: Letter of the ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Working Group (SOPWG)

john at crediblecontext.com john at crediblecontext.com
Fri Nov 1 16:32:47 UTC 2013

I want to make sure you see the letter sent by the ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Working Group to the CEO and Board Chair with regard to ICANN's strategic planning and budgeting efforts.  Each of us has expressed some frustration and the BC has specifically gone on record with criticism. It may be the basis for fresh collaboration between our two Councils.  

In this letter (it is short and to the point), working group chair Roelof Meijer makes this central point: "The variability and lack of predictability in the planning process makes effective planning nearly impossible."

As we think through our agenda in Buenos Aires, we may want to give this more time.


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