[council] GAC-GNSO Interaction - please respond

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Thu Nov 7 10:20:10 UTC 2013



In the run-up to Buenos Aires, we had a preparation call on November 5th to
discuss GAC / GNSO engagement and the agenda for our joint meeting.

Council Chair & Vice Chairs were invited and ditto with GAC Chair & Vice


The call was attended by myself and Wolf-Ulrich from the GNSO Council
leadership and Suzanne Radell (USA) and Manal Ismail (Egypt) who have both
been active on the GAC's behalf in focussing on this subject.


On the back of the call I agreed to put together a note summarising the
current position to date.


In addition, I have attached a document which summarises the current options
for GAC engagement with the GNSO PDP and starts to reconcile these options
with GAC suggestions for enhanced engagement.


Hopefully it will have two outcomes:


1.       Serve as a summary of where we are to date

2.       Help point the way forward at Buenos Aires and beyond


I trust you will find it helpful and look forward to progressing this work
and any related feedback or discussion.



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