[council] Board SIC / GNSO Review

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Fri Nov 8 18:07:37 UTC 2013



I have spoken with Ray Plzak on the GNSO Review.  Ray chairs the ICANN Board
Structural Improvements Committee i.e. the committee responsible for working
on ICANN Board commissioned organisational reviews.


The detail of the GNSO Review is still work in progress as far as the SIC is
concerned and it fits into a broader perspective on the shape and structure
of related review work in future.

In this context, Ray shared a concept paper with the ATRT2 and that is
publicly available here:




As part of our interaction with the ICANN board on Sunday November 17th, Ray
has offered to update the Council on latest thinking and development so that
is something I suggest we take advantage of.

He is also potentially available to meet with a smaller (Review focussed)
group in Buenos Aires.


In any event, there is nothing to stop us getting on with reviewing our own
work on policy development since the last GNSO review.  We could look into
various factors such as time taken, whether or not the policy achieved what
was intended and whether or not there were any unintended consequences.
>From what I can see, this could be useful as part of our own work to improve
and feed into the Board commissioned organisational review of the GNSO.


We can discuss this further during the appropriate weekend session in Buenos







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