[council] Motion to approve Recommendations for IGO-INGO Protections

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Per the thread below, I'm including the web links to the IGO-INGO Final
Report.  It also includes links to the supplements that are provided.  


The one slight change to the Final Report includes updates to the supplement
links within the report itself.  If you have not reviewed the report that
was sent by Jeff, this version will make the footnotes more clear.


Working Group Final Report:

Submitted on: 10 November 2013

.          <http://gnso.icann.org/en/issues/igo-ingo-final-10nov13-en.pdf>
IGO-INGO Final Report

n.pdf> Supplement A - Minority Positions

f> Supplement B - WG Consensus Call Tool

3-en.pdf> Supplement C - Public Comment Review Tool

pdf> Supplement D - Red Cross Red Crescent Societies Identifier List



Thank you.  B



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From: owner-council at gnso.icann.org [mailto:owner-council at gnso.icann.org] On
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To: GNSO Council (council at gnso.icann.org)
Subject: [council] Motion to approve Recommendations for IGO-INGO


Dear Councilors,


On behalf of the IGO-INGO WG, I am pleased to present the attached motion
and IGO-INGO WG's PDP Final Report on the Protection of IGO and INGO
Identifiers in All gTLDs for consideration of and deliberation by the
Council at the forthcoming GNSO Council meeting in Buenos Aires.


In preparation of the Council meeting, Thomas Rickert will be providing a
detailed presentation of the WG's recommendations to the GNSO at its
Saturday morning, 16 Nov session.  It is expected that the GNSO Council will
deliberate this issue at its Wednesday 20 Nov session.


Please take note of the following in reference to the Final Report:

.         The Executive Summary for this report is unlike other GNSO reports
due to the length and complex recommendations.  Therefore the WG's
recommendations have been promoted to top of the report's main body for
quicker access.

.         Given the amount of information gathered to deliberate this issue,
supplement PDF attachments have been provided to reduce the size of the
Final Report and to provide easier reference to community input and the WG's
Consensus Call response.

.         In particular, Minority Position statements are provided in
Supplement A.  However, this supplement is yet to be finalized.  In order to
meet the 10 Nov 2013 GNSO Council Motions & Documents Deadline, the minority
positions were migrated to the supplement and WG stakeholders have until 15
Nov 2013 @ 23:59 to submit revisions or new positions.

.         This email notice contains all the required documents and a
separate email will be sent to the GNSO Council with HTML links to the
posted documents on the IGO-INGO webpage.


NOTE:  The motion is really long, so it is included in the first attachment
entitled "IGO-INGO Motion 10-Nov-2013.pdf.


I want to congratulate the group on their extremely hard work and diligence
through this very complex and at times contentious issue.


Best regards.


Jeffrey J. Neuman 
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