[council] FW: ICANN board meeting with the GNSO Council - Sunday 17 October

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Please see below for the note sent to Steve Crocker.


Steve is willing to work with an agenda along these lines and has
communicated as much to the board.




From: Jonathan Robinson [mailto:jonathan.robinson at ipracon.com] 
Sent: 14 November 2013 11:52
To: Steve Crocker (steve at shinkuro.com)
Subject: ICANN board meeting with the GNSO Council - Sunday 17 October


Hi Steve,


We have not yet had the chance to discuss or share thoughts on this session.
At the past couple of meetings, the Council has suggested a few topics in
advance we have discussed these. 

You have been gracious in accepting these and it seems to have worked well.


Clearly, a major thread running through the forthcoming meeting is the
rapidly changing international internet governance landscape and ICANN's
role and position in that.

The Council plans to discuss this with Fadi in addition to covering the
Strategy Panels with Theresa Swineheart and possibly Fadi. The discussion
with Fadi and Theresa will focus on:


1.       A form of update on both above topics and 

2.       An attempt to better understand the implications for the ICANN
bottom-up, multi-stakeholder model


Point 2 above is key to the way in which the GNSO functions within ICANN and
therefore, in a sense, it is an attempt to understand the implications for
or impacts on the GNSO.


I wonder if this same topic is something we could take further with the
board?  You may feel that it is premature or otherwise problematic to do so.


In addition, and in any event, a couple of other ideas exist at this stage
as follows:


1.       A brief update from the Council as to key areas of recent
development and work could be useful.

a.       Progress with engaging with the GAC

b.      Improvements to the PDP

c.       Key areas of policy work underway

2.       Input from the board SIC on

a.       Structure and format of board initiated reviews

b.      Implications for the prospective GNSO review


You may well feel that there are other key areas we should be covering and,
if so, I'd welcome any input on that.  


Let me leave it at that for now.


Best wishes,






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