[council] ICANN Board

"Kleinwächter, Wolfgang" wolfgang.kleinwaechter at medienkomm.uni-halle.de
Fri Nov 15 22:20:28 UTC 2013

Dear Jonathan and dear GNSO Council members,

as it was announced today, I was selected by the NomCom to fill the vacant position in the ICANN Board after Judiths resignation. This is just a one year term. 

I was recently elected by the NCSG for another two year term in the GNSO Council. And as you know, I feel fully dedicated to the GNSO work. 

When the NomCom approached me after the NCSG elections I had to think about what to do. I came to the conclusion that a position in the ICANN Board - even if it is for just one year - offers special opportunities to contribute to ICANNs progress and success in difficult times. So I accpeted the invitation.

You can be ensured that I will bring experiences and arguments - which I got in my two years in the GNSO Council - to the ICANN Board, even if I have to work as an ICANN director - according to the ICANN Bylaws - for the benefit of ICANN as a whole. I do not see here any contradiction.  

I understand that this will create a vacancy within the GNSO Council which has to be filled by the  NCSG. I am convinced that NCSG will find a procedure to fill this gap as quick as possible. 

At this stage I can only say that I will continue to remain engaged with regard to GNSO issues. Feel free to contact me if you need a liaison to the Board at any time. 

Finally I want to thank our Chair, Jonathan, all council members and in particular Glen and the great ICANN (GNSO) Staff for the very cooperative spirit I experienced in the past two years as council member. I enjoyed it very much and I will miss your community.  

Thanks for all your suppport


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