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Dear SO, AC and SG Leaders,

please be so kind to find attached, a copy of the ATLAS II Final Declaration
including all of its appendices. This document is the result of the work of
approximately 150 At-Large Structures from 70 countries meeting face to face
in London in June 2014.
The Declaration includes the work of all of the 5 ATLAS II Thematic Working

*	Thematic Group 1 (TG1): Future of Multi-Stakeholder Models
*	Thematic Group 2 (TG2): The Globalization of ICANN
*	Thematic Group 3 (TG3): Global Internet: The User Perspective
*	Thematic Group 4 (TG4): ICANN Transparency and Accountability
*	Thematic Group 5 (TG5): At-Large Community Engagement in ICANN

It contains 43 Recommendations both the ICANN Board, to ICANN and to the
ALAC, referenced as R-1 to R-43.
It also contains 10 Observations for the wider Internet Community,
referenced as O-1 to O-10.

Copies of the Declaration can be downloaded directly from the
Community-built ATLAS II Web Site on

Please be so kind to share this Declaration with your Community. We look
forward to your kind feedback. As a follow-up, the ALAC will start an
implementation process to take these recommendations forward. I will also
contact SO/AC Chairs separately to draw their attention on specific
recommendations which could benefit their Community.

Warmest regards,

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

Eduardo Diaz

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