[council] Expert Working Group questions on behalf of the BC

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Tue Aug 26 21:44:37 UTC 2014

      Jonathan, et. al.,
I know we were asked in London by Chris Disspain to raise questions about the report of the Expert Working Group before the Board makes an official PDP request of the GNSO Council.  At the time, it was clear that a financial analysis of implementing the recommendations had not been done/completed.  Neither do we have as detailed a sense of the legal implications of those recommendations.  These are two questions that ought to be answered.
Since London, there has been discussion among the members of the BC about the report.  Out of that have come these additional questions:
As large and well-populated as the group was, now that the broadest community has seen the report, are there use cases that the EWG did not consider?
Is the data map complete?
While ICANN has assiduously maintained its neutrality when it comes to online content, as the Internet and is uses has evolved, should there not be a domain name record field to distinguish domains used for commercial purposes?

Do we have adequate mechanisms for handling compliance issues than may arise among the multiple players (e.g., validators,  credentials providers, RDS vendor)?
Right now the data will be accessed from multiple repositories; should it be centralized? 
How can the implementation of the recommendations be best segmented and scheduled?
Will the progress ICANN is making in accommodating local laws, particularly with regard to data protection and privacy, serve as a model for handling such conflict that might arise from the EWG recommendations?


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