[council] Updated letter to NGPC on IGO-Red Cross protections

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Fri Oct 3 08:35:35 UTC 2014

Thanks Mary,


I will send today unless I hear to the contrary.




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Subject: [council] Updated letter to NGPC on IGO-Red Cross protections
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Dear all,


Please find attached an updated draft of the letter discussed at the Council
meeting of 25 September. Following discussions with Thomas and Alan, the
following sentence was added as the final sentence to the paragraph that
deals with protection for Red Cross national society names: "We would
greatly appreciate it if the NGPC can share with the Council its thoughts on
the most appropriate form of protection for these national Red Cross society
names, to ensure that if the Council decides to propose amendments for which
it will need to reconvene the original PDP WG, it considers a proposal which
will ultimately meet the needs of the NGPC."


Please reply to this list if you have any other comments or suggestions for
the letter. If not, staff proposes that Jonathan be able to send the final
letter off to Cherine and Chris by the end of this week.


Thanks and cheers



Mary Wong

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