[council] Summary of GAC Communique advice on IGO & Red Cross protections; mentions of GNSO work on Whois

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Thu Oct 16 18:05:13 UTC 2014

Dear Council members,

We thought you may find a summary of the GAC's Los Angeles communique issued
this morning helpful, specifically in relation to references to the issue of
IGO & Red Cross protections as well as to Whois policy work.

On IGOs having preventative protection via the TMCH notices:
The GAC clarifies that the so-called ³claims notice² process should not just
be the post-registration Notice of Registered Name (NORN) from the TMCH, but
also the pre-registration claims notice issued to the prospective
registrant. This should be in two languages, at no cost to the IGOs and last
for the duration of the TMCH (in this case the GAC uses the word

On IGOs and curative rights:
The GAC expressly acknowledges that there is an ongoing GNSO PDP on this,
and advises that in their view the solution should not be in the form of
amending the UDRP and URS. They also state that they welcome continued
dialogue with the NGPC and the GNSO to develop concrete solutions. My
understanding is that the GAC considers this piece of advice to be part of
their effort at early engagement ­ by providing government¹s views to us at
an early stage of our PDP for one thing.

On Red Cross protections:
The GAC welcomes the latest NGPC resolution on interim protections for the
189 Red Cross national society names and urges the Board and ³all relevant
parties² to work out remaining issues.

On Whois policy work:
The GAC has requested a Road Map from ICANN on timelines for and linkages
between various tracks of Whois work, including specifically Privacy/Proxy
Accreditation, Translation & Transliteration of gTLD Contact Information,
implementation of thick Whois and Whois Conflicts with National Laws

The Communique also discusses the GAC¹s reaction to the NGPC response on
Category 1 & 2 safeguards, the issue of 2-character domain names at the
second level and the RSEP requests submitted recently, and the GAC¹s
intention to work inter sessionally to address human rights and other legal

The full Communique is here:

We hope this brief summary of some of the points relevant to current GNSO
work is helpful.


Mary Wong
Senior Policy Director
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)
Telephone: +1 603 574 4892
Email: mary.wong at icann.org

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