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The purpose of this meeting is to create “space” for discussion of
contentious motions or issues. 


The idea being to have an opportunity to discuss such issues at the end of
constituency day (when they may have been further discussed) but before
going into the Council meeting on Wednesday.

In that way, compromises, accommodations, amendments etc may be possible in
a way that they might not be in the midst of the formal (Wed) council


The time was listed as 6:30 pm in one or more of the schedules listed but I
understand it is now 6pm. I may be late due to CWG meeting prior.







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There is a meeting listed on the GNSO calendar we received for
"GNSO/SG/Constituency Informal Discussion" from 6:30-7:30 this evening in


What is this meeting and are Councilors expected to attend?


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