[council] SSAC Activities Update to the GNSO Council

Julie Hedlund julie.hedlund at icann.org
Fri Jun 19 21:58:57 UTC 2015

Dear GNSO Councilors,

Please see the attached slides for reference for the meeting listed below
from the GNSO Council wiki concerning the update from the SSAC to the GNSO
Council tomorrow.  Council members are encouraged to share the slides with
their respective groups and to come with specific questions or priority
topics to the session.

20 June 15:30-16:00: SSAC Update & Discussion
What it's about: Update from the SSAC on its recent activities
Background Information:
Policy Staff responsible: Julie Hedund, Director, SSAC Support; Kathy
Schnitt, RSSAC and SSAC Secretariat; Steve Sheng, Director, SSAC & RSSAC
Advisories Development Support; Barbara Roseman, Policy Director and
Technical Analyst

Best regards,
Julie Hedlund, Director, SSAC Support

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