[council] points re: GNSO response to the GAC Communique

Mason Cole mason at donuts.co
Sat Jun 20 21:28:10 UTC 2015

Well stated, David.

On Jun 20, 2015, at 6:04 PM, David Cake wrote:

> 	As requested, points that will be discussed with the GAC regarding the GNSO response to the GAC Communique:
> - this is an informal mechanism that does not change any existing formal process.
> - It is a process to inform the board, so that when the board responds to the GAC Communique on matters that also concern GNSO policy and process, it can have more confidence that its answers reflect the GNSO position accurately.
> - it is purely supplementary to existing processes, including new processes introduced by the GAC-GNSO Coordination Group
> - the GNSO response will formally be addressed to the board, but the GAC will be CCed in the interests of full disclosure and furthering useful discussion.
> - It is intended to reflect GNSO policy positions (including, but not limited to, consensus policy, but may also discuss other GNSO outputs such as interim reports, issue reports, etc) and the GNSO Councils role as the manager of generic TLD policy. It is not intended to include all GNSO stakeholder policy positions. .
> - the GNSO Council does not intend to comment on the GAC Communique where it does not concern GNSO policy or process.
> - this is a new mechanism we will be trialling, and responses on its form or usefulness are welcome
> If any councillor (and Mason especially) has anything to add, very happy to hear it.
> 	David

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