[council] FW: GNSO Council Abstention Notification Form [#170]

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Subject: GNSO Council Abstention Notification Form [#170]

Name of Officer: *

rafik dammak

Officer Email Address: *

rafik.dammak at gmai.com<mailto:rafik.dammak at gmai.com>

Date Prepared: *

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GNSO Organization: *

Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group

Officer Position or Title: *

NCSG Chair

Voting Remedy: *


Reason(s) for or condition(s) leading to the remedy: *

Marilia Maciel may be not able to attend to the GNSO council meeting because other urgent commitments.

Specific subject(s)/measure(s)/motion(s)/action(s) of the Council for which the remedy is being exercised: *

Amr Elsadr will submit Marilia's vote by proxy for the motions to be approved, and any other matters needing a vote

Date upon which the remedy will expire or terminate:
[Note: may not exceed 3 months initially; may be renewed by sending an email with explanation to GNSO Secretariat] *

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I affirm that a voting position has been established on the matter(s) at issue pursuant to provisions contained in our Charter or Bylaws. *


Our GNSO Councilor has been instructed on how to vote on the matter(s). *


Please identify the GNSO Councilor who will serve as the voting proxy: *

Amr Elsadr

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