[council] Feedback sought on GNSO Learn module

Lars Hoffmann lars.hoffmann at icann.org
Wed Oct 7 15:47:46 UTC 2015

Dear Counsellors - 

As you might recall Mary Wong and I have been working on an online newcomer
course for the GNSO. I was hoping that I could entice a few Counsellors to
join me on Friday at 15:00 UTC  (see here for local time
iso=20151009T15&p1=1440&am=30> ) to show what we have put together so far
and gather some valuable feedback before we go live.

Please reply off-list if you would like to take part.

If you cannot make it but think someone from your respective SG/C might want
to join, please have them contact me at lars.hoffmann at icann.org.

Many thanks

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