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Subject: Options for Increasing CCWG Discussions at ICANN54


Options for Increasing Cross-Community Discussions on CCWG-Accountability
Work Stream 1 Recommendations at ICANN54

ICANN54 will be an important opportunity for face-to-face discussions on the
CCWG-Accountability's Work Stream 1 (WS1) Proposal. Especially given the
tight timeline our community is facing with the IANA Stewardship Transition,
some concerns were raised about the amount of available time for community
discussions around the WS1 Proposal in the current ICANN54 schedule.


In light of these concerns, it was requested on the 6 October SO-AC-SG Call
that ICANN staff look into options that would increase the time at ICANN54
for these important WS1 discussions. We have come up with a few options that
will increase the discussion time, and have attempted to disrupt as few of
the current meetings scheduled as we could. 


Please review the attached Options for our discussion/decision on Monday, 12


Adigo Bridge:

Conference Number: U.S. / Canada: 1-800-550-6865 - Bridge Number 9001

For International numbers, please refer to:  <http://adigo.com/ICANN/>

Call Detail information:

*        Monday, 12 October at 13:00 UTC

*        The session will be hosted on Adobe Connect at


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