[council] possible motion - would need to request 10 day waiver.

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Mon Oct 19 15:14:28 UTC 2015

Thank-you Mary,

Accordingly, this motion should be added to the agenda with the prefix 


In order to flag it as a motion subject to the procedure 3.3.2 outlined

And we should discuss as part of the informal preparatory meeting on Tuesday
@ 18h00 local time.


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Hello everyone,

Following up on Avri¹s request that the Council consider a waiver of the
10-day deadline for submission of a motion to be voted on by the Council,
here is the requisite procedure from Section 3.3.2 of the GNSO Operating

If a motion is submitted after the Submission Deadline, the GNSO Council
shall consider the motion if the following requirements are met:
a. The motion (including any report or other supporting documentation) is
submitted to the GNSO Council at least 24 hours in advance of the GNSO
Council meeting;
b. The motion is accompanied by a request to consider the motion despite
submission after the Submission Deadline (a ³Request for Consideration²);
c. A vote on the Request for Consideration shall be called as the first
order of business for the agenda item that deals with the motion. The vote
on the Request for Consideration must be unanimous (i.e., all Councilors
or their proxies must vote and all votes cast must be in favor of
considering the motion at such GNSO Council meeting) for the motion to be
considered at such GNSO Council meeting.

Thanks and cheers

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Subject: [council] possible motion - would need to request 10 day waiver.

>To my fellow council members,
>I would like to offer one last motion before I end my tenure on the GNSO
>I know I have missed the motion deadline and therefore request
>consideration for waiver of the 10 day rule for motions, noting that
>this request is submitted at least 24 hours before the meeting scheduled
>for 21 October 2015.
>I also note that I am available to consider any friendly amendments that
>might be required for acceptance of the resolution that might come based
>on Stakeholder Group and Constituency consideration of this motion.
>--- Motion
>On 13 November 2014 the GNSO approved the charter for a Cross Community
>Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG-Accountabilty);
>On  3 August the Public Comment on the CCWG-Accountability 2nd
>Draft Proposal was initiated, which ended on 12 Septemebr 2015;
>The CCWG-Accountabilty has analyzed the comments received in the
>review of the 2nd draft and is working toward updating its reference
>implementation taking into account the concerns expressed in those
>and The CCWG-Accountabilty  is working in a considered and collegial
>manner to achieve a consensus solution to ICANN Accountability;
>the superb and continuing leadership of CCWG-Accountabilty by the team
>which includes the GNSO appointed co-chair Thomas Rickert, to whom we
>are grateful for his time and consistent effort;
>The GNSO reiterates its support for the process that is ongoing in
>its commitment to participating in continuing discussions with the goal
>of finding solution with broad agreement for ICANN accountabity in
>preparations for IANA transition, and
>to working through the process as agreed upon in the charter before
>making any resolutions declaring support or opposition to possible
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