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Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Wed Oct 21 22:05:54 UTC 2015



Many thanks for all of your good wishes today and the tremendous support you
have shown me throughout my term as GNSO Council Chair.


I realise that many of you are disappointed or indeed mystified by today's
election outcome. I too regret that we did not have a more elegant and
satisfactory outcome.

But, as Wolf-Ulrich has pointed out, we do have procedures in place to deal
with this situation thanks to the foresight of others.


I trust you will all go into the next few days and onto your next year in
the Council equipped to work with one another and within the sometimes
arcane GNSO Council procedures.

The GNSO Council is in a powerful position to symbolise and affect unity or
disunity within the GNSO.


My parting request to you all is to work, with and within your respective
groups and constituencies, as well as with one another in order to find an
effective and efficient outcome.


Thank you and best wishes,





(Former) GNSO Council Chair

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