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Thank you, Nathalie.

Colleagues, as you can see from this tool, the “span” of time zones, along with the distribution of Councilors within those time zones, hasn’t changed much since last year. For example, we exchanged Mason for Darcy (Yay Portland!), Volker for Michele, David for Rafik, etc.

It was also this time last year when we shifted the rotation from 3 meeting timeslots, down to 2, after having determined that more time slots created significant complexities with little benefit.  So if there aren’t any objections, I propose that we keep the current 2 time slots, and adopt the meeting calendar that was previously circulated.
Thanks –

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Subject: [council] GNSO Council meetings time rotation tool

Dear all,

From the Council meeting on the 1st December 2016,  an action item for staff was to use a time rotation tool to visualise how the current time rotation of Council meetings fits in with Council member locations.

The following Google doc covers the 24hr clock with all Council member timezones (row 3) and how many members per said timezone (row 4). Our current times of 12:00 UTC and 21:00 UTC are highlighted in column R.


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