[council] Appointments Procedure proposal

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Wed Dec 14 10:12:27 UTC 2016

Thanks very much Susan and Ed for this well structured proposal!

It will need careful deliberation (including some mathematical study with 
respect to the "system of rotation") within all SGs/Cs. Therefore I've 
circulated immediately within my constituency to kick-off discussion.
First questions:
1. II. (Review Team Appointments) covers Bylaws section 4.6 (Specific 
Reviews), correct?
2. Which appointments do you have in mind under III (Other Appointments)?
3. During the council discussion tomorrow I'd like to get a better 
understanding of the rotation and how the NCAs nomination fit to it.

Best regards


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From: Edward Morris
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Subject: [council] Appointments Procedure proposal

Hi everybody,

Attached please find the GNSO Appointments Procedure that Susan and I have 
worked together to create. I'm proud of it and think we've come up with 
something that respects the diversity of the GNSO and will allow us to 
nominate our best candidates for positions within the ICANN community.

You'll note that in section 1(a) we still have one item we'd like the 
Council to consider and make a determination on: the composition of the 
proposed GNSO Selection Committee.

I'm sure both Susan and myself would be happy to answer any questions you 
may have. Suggestions to improve upon our work, of course, are encouraged 
and welcome.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank Susan for her exceptionally hard work 
in making this policy proposal a reality. It has been nothing less than a 
complete delight to work with her on this and I'm very happy I had the 
opportunity to do so.

Kind Regards,

Edward Morris

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