[council] LAST CALL for Councilors' input on draft response to proposed RDS Charter revisions

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Wed Dec 21 18:16:18 UTC 2016

Dear Councilors,

As agreed on the last Council call of 13 December, please provide your (and your respective SG/C’s) input, if any, to the draft response prepared by Susan and Keith on the proposed scope of the RDS Review by today, Wednesday 21 December. Please also provide your feedback on the proposed modifications and questions raised by the IPC (below).

The agreed date for finalizing the Council response is tomorrow, Thursday 22 December. Staff will prepare to send the finalized Council response to our colleagues who are supporting the Review Team on Friday 23 December.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.


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Subject: [council] IPC input on draft response to proposed RDS Charter revisions

Dear colleagues,

Following up on our action items from the Council meeting last week, the IPC is grateful to Susan and Keith for their work on developing the strawman response from Council in relation to the proposed narrowing of the scope of the charter of the forthcoming RDS Review.

Please find attached the strawman with a few proposed modifications by the IPC, plus these clarifying questions:

  *   The bylaws language in red - is there a reason for the red text?

  *   Items 1 and 2 refer to "current RDS efforts" - should we specify exactly what this means? (ie, does this refer to the Registration Directory Services as is/currently running, improvement efforts underway but not yet fully operational (e.g., PPSAI), or does it refer to the efforts of the RDS PDP WG? Or all of the above?)

  *   4.6(e)(i) refers to efforts ICANN should make with the SO/ACs "to improve accuracy and access to generic top-level domain registration data."  This goal is not reflected in the Charter items. Isn't it appropriate that the RT review the "efforts" underway to see if this goal is being met?

Best wishes,

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