[council] CCWG - Accountability Members, and Work Stream 2

James M. Bladel jbladel at godaddy.com
Mon Jun 6 19:04:58 UTC 2016

Dear Council Colleagues -

At the establishment of the CCWG-Accountability In November 2014, each
GNSO Stakeholder Group confirmed a member to join this CCWG, in addition
to the GNSO appointed co-chair (Thomas Rickert), the members are/were:
Becky Burr, Steve DelBianco, Robin Gross, and myself.  Now, the
CCWG-Accountability is transitioning from Work Stream 1 (WS1) items
associated with the IANA transition, and beginning work on Work Stream 2
(WS2). This is therefore an appropriate opportunity to ask each
Stakeholder Group to re-confirm that its member selection for this CCWG.

There are two questions at hand for each SG:  Will the current GNSO
appointed member continue to serve through Work Stream 2?  If not, who
will assume this role beginning in Helsinki and going forward?  From my
own view, I do not plan to continue as a member, and plan to ask the RrSG
to find a replacement.  Other members may have similar plans.  Finally,
once we have confirmed or re-confirmed the slate CCWG members, we might
also take this opportunity to discuss the Council¹s expectations of its
appointed members, if any.

Please coordinate with your respective ExComs and report back to the
Council with either (a) re-confirmation of your SG's current CCWG-ACCT
member or (b) the name and affiliation of their replacement for WS2.  We
need this information in advance of Helsinki, so please respond on the
list by 20 JUN 2016.


Thank you,



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