[council] Revised Motion on Drafting Team/Empowerment

Marilia Maciel mariliamaciel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 09:16:35 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

I support the friendly amendments proposed by Avri with some additional
points. From NCSG's perspective it is important that the members of the
group are appointed by GNSO stakeholder groups. How each SG will carry out
their internal process of selection (consulting their constituencies, for
instance) is a matter for each SG to define, of course. We also believe
that it is important that the group is small and manageable. We believe
that the best way to achieve that in a fair and balanced manner is to have
a group comprised by an equal number of volunteers per SG. Please see our
suggested paragraph below.

We hope that these suggestions can be accepted as friendly amendments and
we look forward to further discuss these points in our informal GNSO
session tonight.

All the best wishes,

2. The Drafting Team shall comprise an equal number of volunteers from and
selected by each stakeholder group of the GNSO

community. Volunteers should express interest and reasonable knowledge or
experience with the process of revising the ICANN Bylaws or GNSO operating
procedures.  Stakeholder Groups are requested to identify volunteers by
letter to the GNSCO Council Chair by

22 July 2016.

On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 10:15 AM, Johan Helsingius <julf at julf.com> wrote:

> Paul,
> "The Drafting Team shall comprise those volunteers from the
>  GNSO community which are identified by their Constituencies
>  and Stakeholder Groups"
> Does that mean NCA's are excluded, or are NCA's considered
> to be their own 1-person stakeholder groups?
>         Julf
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