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Hello everyone – to add to Phil’s note, the GAC seems to have suggested that the topic of “IGO Protections” be placed in the same slot as its suggested “Bilateral Meeting with the GNSO” on Day 3 of the Helsinki meeting (Wednesday, 10.45-12 noon Helsinki time: https://community.icann.org/x/_o5CAw).

While it is not clear whether that will also encompass protections for the Red Cross (who are not an IGO in any case), this may be relevant to the Council’s discussion on 12 May regarding next steps for the Red Cross, possibly separately from any next steps for IGO protections.

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Good letter, James.

This point is particularly important:
One point emphasized during this briefing was that the international legal basis for protections of Red Cross identifiers is significantly different from that for IGOs. This raises the possibility that permanent protection for these Red Cross identifiers could potentially be resolved independently from other IGO acronyms.

The IGO CRP WG has recently received a final draft of the memo from our outside legal expert in regard to the scope of sovereign immunity for IGOs. Without getting into extensive detail, it varies widely based upon both the type of IGO,  the jurisdiction in which the question is raised, and whether the activity in question implicates a core function of the IGO. Therefore, the issue of the Red Cross identifiers should be viewed as significantly different from that of other IGOs.

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Council Colleagues -

Attached, please find a draft letter that was developed by Heather, Donna and myself, along with Staff, that sets out to “reboot” work on this topic.  I note that this is a topic for the next GNSO Council meeting (Agenda Item #7), and therefore misses the document cutoff date.  However, I expect this discussion & work to continue beyond our 12 MAY meeting, both on the list and during calls.

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