[council] Call with ICANN Finance Team and Board Finance Committee - Tuesday 10 May at 17.00 UTC

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On Tuesday, James and a few staff met with ICANN’s Finance team to review
through the GNSO Council comments submitted in relation to ICANN's draft
FY17 Budget and Ops plan.  The recording can be found here:


The GNSO Council’s comment submission can be reviewed among the others,
At rough count, eleven comments were submitted with submissions from ALAC,
GNSO (IPC, ISPCP, BC, RySG, Council), RSSAC, ccNSO, GAC, and a few


We did not have enough time to review through the Council’s specific
comments related to Special Projects, but Xavier and his team committed to
preparing responses for each of the points made.  The call, however, was
devoted to reviewing the General Comments.  A high-level outline of the call

1.       Introduction by Leo Vegoda on collaborative process for engaging
the community about the draft FY 17 budget.

2.       Introduction by Xavier Calvez on the Council’s submission.

3.       A quick discussion in how the GNSO Council formulated its comments
with a small volunteer sub-team of Council members.

4.       Much of the discussion recognized the less than formal process in
how the GNSO Council currently handles comments and input into the budget

5.       As with one of the points made in the Council’s submission, the
Council recognizes this process should be more formalized, especially in the
context of implementation of the IANA Stewardship to ICANN and the Empowered

6.       Xavier and his team offered to collaborate with the GNSO Council to
assist in enhanced exchanges, develop a sustainable process, and was
delighted to hear that the GNSO is already starting discussions in how it
might organize its role within the Empowered Community, at least as it
pertain to the budget process.

a.       The Council may wish to consider the formation of an SCI type of
function by chartering a standing finance committee that will work closely
with ICANN’s finance team, interested members of the GNSO, and SO/ACs.  This
can likely be further discussed and defined in the context of the GNSO’s
pending effort around IANA Stewardship Transition Planning that staff just
sent to the Council today. 

b.      One suggestion from Xavier for the Council to consider is that
perhaps a part of this finance committee could be more formally constituted
from appointed Treasurers of each SG & C without limiting others in the GNSO
that may take a special interest around ICANN budgets.

7.       ICANN Finance intends to hold a session in Helsinki regarding the
planning process for FY18, especially in the context of the transition

8.       There was a discussion about summary or aggregate information of
the budget versus project level details and trying to find the right
balance.  Detail of 400+ projects is a challenge but still seek ways to
provide adequate information for analysis.  More specifically, FTE listing
at the project level has been produced at the project level, however, it is
now reverted back to the portfolio level due to confidentiality concerns in
that it starts to reveal individual compensation.  Finance suggests that it
may be possible to provide that detail, but confidential concerns will have
to be addressed.

9.       Special project comment responses will be provided in writing back
to the GNSO Council.


We will pass along additional information as we encounter it.


Thank you.




charter a "standing finance committee" or something


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For those that are interested in this topic, please note that the call is

starting now. You can join at  <https://icann.adobeconnect.com/planning>


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>Yes, it looks like the recording for these meetings is made available on

>the same wiki page after the meeting.


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>>Same here. A recording would be very helpful





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>>Dear Marika,


>>Will a recording or transcript be available afterwards?

>>I a, very interested in this discussion, but unfortunately

>>I have a scheduling conflict for tomorrow.


>>        Julf


>>On 09-05-16 15:21, Marika Konings wrote:

>>> Dear All,


>>> As a reminder, the ICANN Finance Team together with the Board Finance

>>> Committee has scheduled a call tomorrow (Tuesday 10 May) at 17.00 UTC


>>> discuss the input that has been submitted by the GNSO Council (see





>>> For details on how to join this meeting, please

>>> see  <https://community.icann.org/x/yjiAAw>


>>> Best regards,


>>> Marika



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