[council] REMINDER: Call for Volunteers - GNSO Selection Committee

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Fri May 27 06:17:54 UTC 2016

Just a couple of points of clarification, if I may....

1.  Right now, you are looking only for volunteers for the selection 

2.  As this is not a GNSO Council liaison, we should not be restricting 
this to councilors, this is a non RySG GNSO liaison to the CSC and not a 
formal liaison from the GNSO Council. It is similar to how we manage 
nominations to the Review Teams, basically the person has to come from 
the Non-RySG GNSO community.

3.  Council's role here is to form a selection committee and that 
selection committee will then run an open call for volunteers from the 
non-RySG GNSO community. That selection committee can be composed of 
councilors, but there must be an open call by that selection committee 
to the community to fill this critical role, as this was the intention 
of the CWG proposal in this matter.

Have I got this straight?

Stephanie Perrin

On 2016-05-26 18:59, James M. Bladel wrote:
> Thanks, Donna.
> And just a reminder for folks that the message below should read 27 
> MAY as a deadline for volunteers (not 27 JUN).
> Thank you,
> J.
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> Subject: [council] REMINDER: Call for Volunteers - GNSO Selection 
> Committee
> All
> Just resending as a reminder. It would be great to get at least three 
> volunteers to take this on.
> Thanks
> Donna
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> *Subject:* [council] Call for Volunteers - GNSO Selection Committee
> Dear Councilors
> During the last Council meeting I provided a brief overview of some of 
> the GNSO Council obligations associated with the implementation of the 
> CWG’s Transition Proposal and in particular, those related to 
> establishing a Customer Standing Committee (CSC). The CSC is intended 
> to monitor the performance of IANA post-transition and NTIA has 
> requested that the CSC be established by 15 August 2016, in order to 
> be ready to undertake its role upon transition.
> The CSC will comprise the following:
> _Members_
> 2 x gTLD registry operators to be selected by the RySG (mandatory)
> 2 x ccTLD registry operators to be selected by the ccNSO (mandatory)
> 1 x registry operator not considered to be a ccTLD or gTLD (optional)
> _Liaisons_ (all are non-mandatory with the exception of IANA)
> 1 x IANA
> 1 x GNSO (non-registry)
> 1 x ALAC
> 1 x GAC
> 1 x ASO
> 1 x RSSAC
> 1 x SSAC
> The GNSO Council is responsible for selecting the GNSO Liaison, and 
> also approving the final composition of the CSC in conjunction with 
> the ccNSO Council. To that end, we are seeking volunteers to serve as 
> the GNSO Council Selection Committee to select the GNSO Liaison for 
> the CSC and to also review the proposed final composition of the CSC 
> and make a recommendation to the Council for approval. The optimal 
> number would be somewhere between 3 to 5 members, representing a 
> cross-section of the Council. In the event that we have no volunteers, 
> James, Heather and I have agreed to serve as the Selection Committee.
> It was anticipated that ICANN would post a call for Expressions of 
> Interest last week, but this has been delayed pending approval of the 
> CWG. However, given the timeline, it would be helpful if those 
> interested could respond to this email by Friday 27 June 2016, 23:59 UTC.
> More detail regarding the GNSO Council obligations regarding the CSC 
> is provided in the attached documents.
> Please let me know if you have any questions.
> Thanks
> Donna
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