[council] Preliminary planning for ICANN58

James M. Bladel jbladel at godaddy.com
Wed Nov 23 05:57:20 UTC 2016

Councilors –

As discussed in Hyderabad, the SO/ACs are pushing ICANN Staff to get an early start on planning for ICANN58, in an effort to avoid/mitigate some of the pain points experienced at ICANN57.

To this end, Staff has prepared the attached document (PDF), outlining the timeline for finalizing the ICANN58 schedule, along with two draft “Block Schedules”: one with a single Constituency Day, the other with a split Constituency Day(s).  Finally, the PDF displays results and feedback gathered from the meeting survey.

SO/AC leaders (including Donna, Heather and myself) are planning to meet with ICANN Meeting Staff in early December to discuss the Block Schedule.  Questions for the GNSO Council:

(1) Do we prefer a Single or Split Constituency Day?
(2) What is the right number of High Interest Topics (HIT)?  The current Block Schedule drafts contain five HIT sessions.
(3) Any thoughts on the best way to solicit topics for HIT sessions, and how to choose the top 5?
(4) Similarly, any thoughts on how to address the inevitable conflicts between working sessions and HITs?
(5) Any other specific feedback you’d like us to bring to the SO/AC meeting
Please respond by next week with your ideas, and we’ll take them back to the planning group.

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