[council] GNSO Review Implementation Plan

James M. Bladel jbladel at godaddy.com
Wed Nov 23 06:14:51 UTC 2016

Thank you Wolf-Ulrich.

Glen, can we ask Jen to attend our call on 1 DEC, as Wolf-Ulrich suggests?  If she has a conflict for the entire call, perhaps we can recommend a time frame for her to be available only for that agenda item.

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Subject: [council] GNSO Review Implementation Plan

Dear colleagues,

I herewith introduce a motion to adopt the GNSO Review Implementation plan elaborated by the Review WG. Motion and implementation plan are attached. I'm happy to answer any question prior to the council call on 01 Dec.

May I suggest to invite Jen Wolfe, chair of the WG, to the meeting.

Best regards


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