[council] Role of GNSO NomCom appointees in relation to the Empowered Community

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Thu Sep 29 13:11:04 UTC 2016

Thanks for doing this, it is in my view a very important consideration.

Stephanie Perrin

On 2016-09-29 06:18, Johan Helsingius wrote:
> <resent, as my first attempt doesn't seem to have made it to the list>
> Dear Councillors,
> While agenda item 6 on our agenda for the Council meeting on
> 29 September, "Approval of Appointment of an Interim GNSO
> Representative to the Empowered Community Administration" only
> seems to deal with the interim arrangements, we would like to
> take the opportunity to express our concerns over some of the
> discussions in the Drafting Team on revisions to GNSO Bylaws
> to account for participation in the Empowered Community.
> While we support the idea of the Council as the voice of
> GNSO in the Empowered Community, we note that there seems
> to have been proposals for alternative voting structures
> that would change the position of the Councillors appointed by
> the Nominating Committee.
> The current ICANN Bylaws describe the NCA members of the GNSO
> Council as "entitled to participate on equal footing with other
> members of the GNSO Council including, e.g. the making and
> seconding of motions and of serving as Chair if elected."
> Just as the NCA members of the ICANN Board, the NCA members of
> the GNSO Council fulfil a very important function in representing
> the parts of the GNSO community trough a wide community process
> that doesn't fall within the scope of the existing constituencies.
> This "none of the above" community should have an equal voice in
> decisions related to the Empowered Community.
> Therefore we want to make it clear that we can not support any
> proposals to alter the Bylaws in such a way that the NCA Council
> members would not have the same representation and voting power
> in matters related to the Empowered Community as they have in other
> Council matters.
> Respectfully,
> Avri Doria (Former GNSO Chair, while appointed by Nominating Committee)
> Carlos Raúl Gutierrez (NCA)
> Julf Helsingius (NCPH NCA)
> Erika Mann (Board Member, NCA elect)
> Valerie Tan (CPH NCA)

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