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Thanks, Marika.

Colleagues -  as Marika noted, this is item 3 (Consent Agenda) at our next meeting.

Thank you,


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Subject: [council] Call for volunteers - GNSO Council liaisons

Dear All,

An open action item from the wrap up session at ICANN58 was to solicit new volunteers for the role of Council liaison to the following initiatives:

·         Cross-Community Working Group on Internet Governance

·         GNSO Rights & Obligations under the Revised ICANN Bylaws Drafting Team

·         Translation/Transliteration of Internationalized Registration Data Implementation Review Team

·         Thick WHOIS Implementation Review Team – Volunteer: Susan Kawaguchi

Please indicate on the mailing list if you are interested to take on this role (thank you to Susan for already volunteering for the Thick WHOIS IRT!). The objective is to confirm the new liaisons at the upcoming Council meeting.

As a reminder, the GNSO Working Group Guidelines describe the role of a liaison as follows:

The role of the Liaison consists of reporting to the CO [Chartering Organization] on a regular basis on the progress of the Working Group; assisting the Chair as required with his/her knowledge of WG processes and practices; taking back to the CO any questions or queries the WG might have in relation to its charter and mission; and, assisting or intervening when the WG faces challenges or problems. The Liaison is expected to play a neutral role, monitor the discussions of the Working Group and assist and inform the Chair and the WG as required. The CO is therefore strongly encouraged to appoint an individual to the role of liaison who is expected to remain neutral and fulfill the role as described above.

Furthermore, in the context of an Implementation Review Team (IRT) there are potential additional responsibilities for the liaison as outlined in the IRT Principles and Guidelines (see https://gnso.icann.org/en/council/irt-principles-guidelines-23aug16-en.pdf).

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