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Hello all, we can ask for more information from our colleagues who support the ccNSO as well as the MSSI team who has charge of all the reviews if you need it. For now, I’ll note that the five year cycle for SO/AC (not the GAC) structural reviews is five years from Board receipt of the Final Report of a particular review (in contrast to Review Teams for accountability, security/stability/resiliency and WHOIS/RDS, which are five years from the date the previous Review Team was convened).

For the ccNSO, the five-year cycle would – without a deferral – be scheduled for August 2017. This proposal thus seeks to defer the review for one year, and the Board is mandated by the Bylaws to assess its feasibility.


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What was the date and was there any published rationale for the “initial deferral, due to the IANA Transition” referenced in the announcement.

In any event, with the prior ccNSO review being submitted in March 2011, the proposal “to defer the upcoming ccNSO Review until August 2018” would be a gap of more than seven years, which seems to be in clear contradiction of the Bylaws language requiring they be conducted every five years. Also, it’s not clear whether the August 2018 date refers to delivery of the next review or just initiation of the review process.

So, while fully understanding the “bandwidth concerns”, the Bylaws do not appear to sanction such deferral unless one believes the “feasibility” clause gives the Board very broad license to ignore the every five years limitation.

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I could be wrong (highly likely) but haven’t a couple of them been delayed in the past? I’m not sure if any have been officially “deferred” though.

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Personally, I wasn’t aware that these reviews could be deferred.

I don't believe they can be, which makes this proposal all the more interesting.

Section 4(1) of the ICANN Bylaws is quite clear:

"These periodic reviews shall be conducted no less frequently than every five years, based on feasibility as determined by the Board."

The feasibility clause does not abrogate the responsibility for having these reviews "no less frequently than every five years".

Obviously I'm missing something the discovery of which will make me seem fairly stupid. It's that or the Board is acting beyond its remit which would be a less than fantastic start to ICANN's new found independent existence.





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Subject: [Soac-infoalert] ICANN News Alert -- Deferral of Country Code Names Supporting Organization Review

News Alert


Deferral of Country Code Names Supporting Organization Review

6 April 2017
Open Date:

6 April 2017

Close Date:

19 May 2017

Originating Organization:

Multi Stakeholder Strategy and Strategic Initiatives



Brief Overview:

The ccNSO Review, scheduled to start in August 2017, is proposed to be deferred by 12 months, in response to community concerns about bandwidth.

As per ICANN's Bylaws, Article 4, Section 4.4 (a), organizational reviews, such as the ccNSO Review, 'shall be conducted no less frequently than every five years, based on feasibility as determined by the Board.'

The Final Report of the previous ccNSO Review was submitted to the Board on 4 March 2011. Following an initial deferral, due to the IANA Transition, the ICANN Board, based on explicit feedback from the ccNSO Chair, proposes to defer the upcoming ccNSO Review until August 2018.

The ccNSO will use the time until the start of the next ccNSO Review to conduct an evaluation of the implementation status of the recommendations that arose from the previous Review.



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