[council] Action Items: GNSO Council meeting on 16 February 2017

Nathalie Peregrine nathalie.peregrine at icann.org
Fri Feb 24 09:58:36 UTC 2017

Dear Councilors,
Please find the action items, below and as attachment, arising from the GNSO Council meeting on 16 February 2017. Please take note of the action items coming out of the Council meeting and the proposed timing for delivering on these actions.  The next GNSO Council meeting is on the 15 March 2017.

16 February 2017

Item 3. Consent Agenda

3.1 – Confirmation of Continuation of GNSO Chair’s Term as Interim GNSO Representative to the Empowered Community (EC) Administration

Voting Results:

  *   Consent Agenda passed unanimously

Action Items:

  *   Council to finalize chartering of the new GNSO Standing Selection Committee at the earliest opportunity
  *   Council to request the new SSC to consider appointing a permanent GNSO Representative to the EC Administration as one of its first tasks, and, amongst others, also to consider whether it will be necessary for the appointee to be a member of the GNSO Council

Item 4. COUNCIL VOTE – Approval of Final Report from the WHOIS Conflict with National Laws Procedure Implementation Advisory Group

Voting Results:

  *   Motion (as amended) passed unanimously

Action Items:

  *   ICANN policy staff to communicate results of motion to GDD colleagues.
  *   GDD staff to report back to the Council within 45 days, with a projected timeline, the requested feasibility assessment, and a draft Charter for the next review of the Procedure, which is to commence no later than 1 October 2017
  *   ICANN policy staff to inform the Next Generation RDS Policy Development Process Working Group of the IAG Final Report (including minority views)

Item 5. COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Proposal to Limit the Scope of the Upcoming Third Accountability and Transparency Review

Action Items:

  *   ICANN policy staff to draft a note for circulation to the Council list for approval, addressed to the CCWG-Accountability co-chairs and ICANN staff responsible for supporting the ATRT-3, to include a recommendation that in developing its scope of work the ATRT-3 Review Team should consider the work being done within Work Stream 2 of the CCWG-Accountability, and aim to avoid overlap as far as possible

Item 6. COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Proposed Charter for a GNSO Standing Selection Committee for Selection of GNSO Representatives/Nominees to Future Review Teams and Other ICANN Structures

Action Items:

  *   Council to continue discussion on the mailing list, with a view toward agreement on a final version of the Charter for voting on at the next Council meeting, which will take place on 15 March at ICANN58 in Copenhagen
  *   ICANN staff to prepare placeholder motion to allow for consideration of charter and/or formation of SSC at ICANN58

Item 7: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Selection of GNSO Nominees for the Second Registration Directory Service (formerly WHOIS) Review Team

Action Items:

  *   Council to continue discussion on the mailing list
  *   If the proposed GNSO Standing Selection Committee (SSC) is not chartered at ICANN58 or otherwise in time to conduct this selection process, the small group of Councilors that proposed the slate of GNSO nominees for the upcoming Security, Stability and Resiliency Review Team (with Philip Corwin standing in for Susan Kawaguchi) is to review the candidates seeking GNSO endorsement for this Review and propose a slate of GNSO nominees to the Council, based on the criteria and process currently contained in the draft GNSO SSC Charter

Item 8: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Appointment of New GNSO Co-Chair for the Cross Community Working Group on New gTLD Auction Proceeds

Action Items:

  *   Council leadership to issue a Call for Volunteers
  *   Councilors to work with their Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies to identify possible candidates for consideration as soon as possible

Item 9: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Preparation for Joint Meetings at ICANN58

Action Items:

  *   Council to continue discussion on the mailing list
  *   Council leadership to review current GNSO block schedule, to identify possible slots in which to invite GDD staff, CEO Goran Marby, and CFO Xavier Calvez (including possibly as part of the Council’s Public Meeting on Wednesday 15 March 2017)

Item 10: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Finalizing the GNSO Meeting Schedule for ICANN58 11- 16 March 2017

Action Items:

  *   Councilors to identify remaining major conflicts as soon as possible as the aim is to circulate a final GNSO schedule as much in advance as is feasible
  *   Council and GNSO community to be mindful of the difficulties of minimizing conflicts when requesting sessions for future ICANN meetings
Item 11: COUNCIL DISCUSSION – Proposed Council Request in relation to Letter from Thick WHOIS Implementation Review Team

Action Items:

  *   Council to review draft request from Councilor Erika Mann, and submit comments to the mailing list including further details on which questions an updated legal review is expected to address as well as who would be the audience for this updated legal review.


Action Items:

  *   Informal Council session before the Council Public Meeting at ICANN58 to remain open to Councilors and invitees only (Stakeholder Group and Constituency leaders), but will be recorded
  *   Council to continue discussing whether to change this arrangement for future ICANN meetings

Please let me know if I missed anything or if you have questions.

Thank you.

Kind regards,



Nathalie Peregrine
Specialist, SOAC Support (GNSO)
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Email: nathalie.peregrine at icann.org <nathalie.peregrine at icann.org%20>
Skype: nathalie.peregrine.icann

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