[council] Community Budget Requests for FY18 - GNSO Council Submission

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Thanks James.
 Echoing the comments that have previously been written I support both requests. Getting PDP Chairs to F2F meetings should be a priority for the ICANN travel policy, not merely an afterthought. As the transition and Accountability projects finalise, and we can turn our attention elsewhere, my hope is a thorough evaluation of the entire travel policy will be undertaken. Work, rather than structural position, should be the priority in assigning travel grants.
 Ed Morris

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  Thanks, James.  
 I support both funding requests.  
 Travel funding should not be a blocker to PDP participation, and providing this type of travel support should increase the participation and diversity of PDP leadership participation.  It's also important that any travel funding for PDP chairs is not duplicative and is provided to those that don't have other funding options, and I appreciate that is called out (along with an open and transparent selection process).
 There has long been discussion within the community about the overwhelming amount of work that always seems to be facing us, and the new responsibilities don't lessen any of that.  I expect that establishing a long-term strategic plan that prioritizes activities and workload will help improve the GNSO's focus, better align projects, and provide overall improvement to workloads.


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Thanks. Both of these are valid and important budget requests.  


The workload for anyone who chairs a PDP is significant and being able to support this work via travel support is a very positive move. Not being able to rationalise physical attendance at the 3 ICANN public meetings has been a “blocker” for some people volunteering to lead some of these groups in the past and this would definitely help.   


With respect to the Council development session I would also see this as being an important project to receive funding.  








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Subject: [council] Community Budget Requests for FY18 - GNSO Council Submission 


Councilors - 


As discussed during our 19 JAN call, please find attached two FY18 Budget Request submissions on behalf of the GNSO Council.  


The first is to allocate travel support funds for chairs of PDP working groups to attend ICANN meetings who might not otherwise be able.  This is aligned with the GNSO's desire to make & keep support for policy development work a priority in the budget. 


The second provides for a GNSO Council Strategic Planning session, outside of the full ICANN schedule, for Councilors to meet and set priorities for the upcoming Council year.  This pilot would take place in January 2018. 


Please note these request submissions are coming from the Council, and are not intended to replace or supplement requests that are coming on behalf of your SGs and Cs.   Discuss on this thread if you have any questions, edits or objections to these requests.  


The deadline for submission has been extended, and requests will now be accepted until 10 FEB 2017. 


Thank you,  

James Bladel 

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