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Am 13.06.2017 um 17:15 schrieb James M. Bladel:
> Councilors –
> I wanted to make you aware of some developments w.r.t. to the RrSG 
> elections (see thread below).   While I am term-limited and cannot run 
> again, the current round of GNSO Council nominations has raised 
> questions of who, exactly, is eligible to hold office under the RrSG 
> Charter.  To ensure consistent interpretation & application of the 
> Charter, my company (GoDaddy) was determined to be ineligible.
> I have resigned my elected office as Councilor, but have been 
> appointed by the Registrar ExCom to continue to serve in an interim 
> basis until a Special Election can be held.
> On the whole, the net impact of all of this on the Council is….not 
> much.  My status changes from “elected” Councilor to “appointed” 
> Councilor for the next few months, but I don’t see that this change 
> necessarily affects the Council, or its work, or our upcoming election 
> calendar.
> In any case, I wanted to share this in the interests of full 
> disclosure, and I’m happy to answer any questions here on the list, or 
> in Johannesburg.
> Thank you,
> J.
> *From: *Graeme Bunton <gbunton at tucows.com>
> *Date: *Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 10:08
> *Subject: *Re: [RrSG-Members] GoDaddy Status and Resignation
> James,
> Thank you for this.
> Speaking on behalf of the ExCom, we would like to request that you 
> continue to serve in your position until the completion of a special 
> election under section 4.3.7 of the RrSG charter.
> The RrSG secretary will begin that process shortly.
> Graeme
> On 2017-06-13 10:56 AM, James M. Bladel via RrSG-Members wrote:
>     Colleagues -
>     As Graeme noted, I’ve recently been notified that GoDaddy is not
>     eligible to hold office under the current RrSG Charter, due to our
>     having executed Specification 13 for the .GODADDY Registry Agreement.
>     While Specification 13 is not explicitly listed as a
>     disqualification in our Charter, it contains provisions that are
>     equivalent to Specification 9, which is called out as a
>     disqualification under Section 4.3.6.  I was not aware that our
>     adoption of Spec 13 would also encompass Spec 9, and thus make
>     GoDaddy (and by extension, me) ineligible to hold office.
>     We have no immediate plans to launch .GODADDY, and the only active
>     registration currently is NIC.GODADDY, and any Charter that
>     recognizes GoDaddy as a closed brand,  rather than a Registrar,
>     has truly ventured in to the realm of the Absurd.  But rules are
>     rules, so…
>     I’m hereby offering my resignation from the GNSO Council for the
>     remainder of my term (ending at ICANN 60 Abu Dhabi in November).
>      Should the ExCom & Members wish to retain me in office until the
>     conclusion my term, I would be happy to do so on an interim basis,
>     and stand for a special vote, as described under Section 4.3.7.
>     Additionally, GoDaddy will not nominate or run any candidates for
>     office under the existing Charter, and will not cast votes for any
>     pending elections, or on the FY2018 RrSG Budget, or any other
>     votes until our new Charter is adopted.
>     Thank you,
>     J.
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>     James Bladel
>     GoDaddy
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> Tucows Inc.
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