[council] FOR DISCUSSION: Preparation for Joint Meetings at ICANN58

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With regard to topics for the Board:

·        First impressions of the facilitated discussion between the GAC and GNSO

·        What are the priorities for the Board in 2017

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Thanks, Mary.

Councilors -  Restarting this thread.   Given that no time has been set aside to prepare for the joint sessions between the GNSO Council and other communities in Copenhagen, staff has put together a Google doc with proposed / draft agendas.  Please review this document at your earliest convenience.


For each proposed topic a designated Leader has been identified. If you’ve been designated as a lead for any topic, please propose some talking points by Wednesday 8 MAR.  Of course, anyone is free to add to these talking points, or propose new topics (and naturally become the leader for that topic).

Also, please note that we haven’t yet captured any questions for the joint session with the Board.  All Councilors are asked to add any proposed topics as soon as possible. The Board has requested to receive these topics by no later than Friday 3 March.

Task summary:
(1) Review Google Doc
(2) Add talking points or propose new topics
(3) Propose topics/questions for our joint session with the Board.

Thank you,


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Subject: [council] FOR DISCUSSION: Preparation for Joint Meetings at ICANN58

Dear Councilors,

On behalf of the GNSO Council chairs, staff is circulating the list of topics below to kick-start a discussion on the list of topics that the GNSO Council and community wish to propose for the upcoming joint meetings with the Board, GAC and ccNSO Council in Copenhagen.

For the joint meeting with the GAC:

The following topics were raised as possibilities on the most recent GAC-GNSO leadership call -

·       New gTLD subsequent rounds (focus on other topics that are not part of the facilitated discussions).

·       Adopting or discussing the implementation plan of the GAC-GNSO CG Final Report.

·       More substantive discussions on topics within a PDP for which there are different opinions in the community - for example, discussion on geographic names in the context of new gTLDs so that the input from proposed discussion in Johannesburg can feed into the PDP.

·       The PDP-generated workload, opportunities for prioritization, slowing the pace to allow stakeholders more space to engage effectively.
(Note: The GAC and GNSO leadership teams also agreed that the meeting should focus on generating more discussion, using fewer slides and minimizing one-way presentations.
For the joint meeting with the Board:

The following topics were discussed in Hyderabad -

·       What do we, the Board and ICANN the organization, need to do to make the transition effective?

·       Discussion regarding the differences - in substance but also procedure – between the GAC advice and GNSO policy relating to IGO and Red Cross protections

·       Progress on implementation of GNSO Review recommendations

For the joint meeting with the ccNSO Council:

This was the agenda for Hyderabad:

·       Update on ongoing joint ccNSO-GNSO CCWG efforts
a. CWG Principles (Becky Burr) (staff suggests that this can be removed as community work on this has been completed
b. CWG to develop a framework for the use of Country and Territory names as TLDs
c. CWG Internet Governance
d. CCWG new gTLD Auction Proceeds

·       Non-CCWG Hot topics:
a. Future scheduling of the ICANN meetings: High Interest Sessions, block schedule. Ensuring broad participation in HIT sessions. Specified time on schedule?
b. Implementation of new Bylaws

Please review the above list and comment on whether you wish to support their inclusion for ICANN58 or have different topics to suggest. Staff will note here that the topic of CCWG work (relative to policy development) has cropped up in a number of recent discussions, so this may be a topic for consideration as well.

Thanks and cheers

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