[council] Fwd: ccNSO Council letter to the GNSO Council regarding WT5

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What are the "certain requirements" they expect to be met to ensure success and acceptability?

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Subject: [council] Fwd: ccNSO Council letter to the GNSO Council regarding WT5

Colleagues -

See below and attached for a letter from Katrina Sataki regarding the ccNSO's participation in Work Track 5 (of the Subsequent Procedures PDP). We will ensure this is added to our next meeting agenda, as well as referring it to the leadership of the SubPro PDP.

Thank you,

James Bladel
GNSO Chair

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Subject: ccNSO Council letter to the GNSO Council regarding WT5

Dear James,

On behalf of the ccNSO Council I am sending you a letter regarding the Working Track 5.

By adopting the final paper published by the Cross-Community Working Group on Use of Country/Territory Names as TLDs (CCWG UCTN) the ccNSO supported the recommendation of the CCWG UCTN that further work on the development of a consistent and uniform framework to guide the definition of rules on the use of country and territory names as top level domains, is needed.

The ccNSO designated Annebeth Lange, .no, to serve as a co-leader of a new Working Track 5 (WT5) within the GNSO’s New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP Working Group. We look forward to working with the GNSO and other SO/ACs in the next effort to address the use of country and territory names as top-level domains.
However, the ccNSO Council strongly believes that this effort will succeed and will be acceptable only if certain requirements are met.

Kind regards,

Katrina Sataki
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