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Councilors, FYI.

Thanks -

James Bladel

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Subject: [So-ac-sg-cleaders] Message from Göran Marby on the EC Cybersecurity Strategy

Dear Community Leaders:

You are maybe aware of this already but if you are not, maybe this is good for you to know. The EC has published a paper about their Cybersecurity strategy. The interesting thing for us is that they mention ICANN:

promoting measures to prevent the abuse of domain names for the distribution of unsolicited messages or phishing attacks. To this end, the Commission will work to improve the functioning of and the availability and accuracy of information in the Domain Name and IP WHOIS[1]<applewebdata://4BE57DBB-CB2E-4413-AC92-433087470CAA/#_ftn1> systems in line with the efforts of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.’

I honestly do not know if this could have an effect on the DPAs' further work on WHOIS (in relationship to GDPR) as the DPAs are independent in their decision making but I thought this could be interesting to know (if you did not know already).



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