[council] FOR INFORMATION & DISCUSSION: Summary of Data Request from RPM Working Group co-chairs

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Fellow Councilors:

With able staff assistance, the WG Co-Chairs prepared this summary in the hope that it anticipates and answers many of the questions that may arise in regard to our DMPM request and related Motion, and therefore expedite the Council’s discussion of this matter when it comes up during our call this coming Wednesday.

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Dear Councilors,

As you know, the Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) PDP Working Group has submitted a request for Council approval in relation to resources needed to conduct an extensive data gathering exercise, in accordance with the principles developed by the GNSO’s Data & Metrics for Policy Making Working Group. The motion and request is on the Council’s meeting agenda for its upcoming 20 September call.

To facilitate the Council’s review of the data request, the RPM Working Group co-chairs have prepared the attached summary. We hope you will find it useful. The motion and full data request can be found on the Council’s wiki page at https://community.icann.org/x/yiIhB (motion) and https://gnso.icann.org/en/drafts/rpm-sunrise-trademark-claims-07sep17-en.pdf (request).

Thanks and cheers

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