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Thanks very much to the editing team, I think this is a balanced and most helpful input to the “consultation”. As an aside, I noted during our San Juan meeting that the ISPCP developed an answer and it’s quite consistent with what we have here.

I have two comments.

1)     I also think we should include Donna’s comment re. Council having fellowship alumni in its current/past membership. GNSO constituencies are likely to note this in their response; it would be odd for Council itself not to. Maybe under Question 2. just say something factual like “For example, the GNSO council currently has two members who benefitted from the fellowship program”. (side comment: 4 has “While there has been some evidence of former fellows becoming GNSO Councillors”, I’m not sure about the “evidence”: either they have been councilors or they haven’t, but maybe that’s just my English…:)

2)     Regarding Question #16, if my reading of the criteria is correct, the potential overlap between fellowship and NextGen at ICANN is the extent to which Fellowship is granted to under 30 under/postgrad/PhD students (who may/should fall under NextGen at ICANN).

-       If that number is zero then there can be no overlap, the two things serve separate audiences (maybe there’s a discussion to have as to whether the audience is relevant to ICANN’s work but that wasn’t the question),

-       if that number is high however, the potential overlap is significant, given that the expected inputs from those two groups of participants may indeed overlap according to the programs.

I haven’t got the figures in that respect and maybe seeking clarification as to the number of fellowship recipients who might have qualified for nextgen would be useful or something to point out as a “metric” to monitor moving forward.



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Hi Donna,

Thanks for the comment, I think we can add that acknowledgment if you have a text ready.
we still have the Question #16 to resolve with the 2 options available.
as a reminder, I think the deadline for submitting is Friday 6th April.


2018-04-03 9:32 GMT+09:00 Austin, Donna <Donna.Austin at team.neustar<mailto:Donna.Austin at team.neustar>>:
Thanks Rafik and the small team who worked on this response for the Council.

I appreciate the narrow focus on PDPs because that is area of responsibility for the council and the need for meaningful metrics; however, I think it might also be helpful to acknowledge that the Council has been well-served by the Fellowship Program by way of a number of our Councilors coming to us via the program, for example our current councilors, Martin and Arsene. I don’t see any downside to acknowledging the value of the program from this perspective.


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Hi all,

Please find attached the latest version of the draft response to the fellowship questionnaire. It went through several revisions based on previous council comments and discussion within the small team. We are looking forward your input regarding the overall draft to be endorsed as council comment and making changes as needed.




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