[council] Motion in memory of Stéphane

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Dear all,

To follow up on Donna’s note, if you or someone from your communities wish to send a personal note to Stephane’s family, you may use this email address: rip.svg.rip at gmail.com<mailto:rip.svg.rip at gmail.com>. Alternatively, if you prefer, staff can forward messages directly from you to Julie (his widow) or Delphine (his ex-wife and mother of their children) to their personal email addresses.

Thank you.


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Dear Councilors

On our behalf, Glen de Saint Gery sent the Motion in memory of Stéphane, and the recording, to Stéphane's family. Please see Glen’s email below.

I’ve also attached an email Glen sent to Heather, Rafik and I about Stephane’s service, which Glen describes beautifully.


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Dear All,
Just to say that Delphine, the mother of Stéphane's two children Mila and Ethan told me that she shared the Council resolution and recording with Stéphane's parents and with his uncle who was a partner in Indom. They were all extremely touched.
Warm regards

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