[council] [Ext] Options to adjust timeline for specific and organisational reviews

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Hi Carlos, Donna

Thank you for developing these comments.

I tend to agree with Rafik re scope of this public comment.

Re "The idea is to turn around the tortilla." -  Personally, I think SO/AC led self-review would make sense for the limited purpose of improving operational efficiency and effectiveness (as the example of the GNSO Council planning session on PDP 3.0). However, the goal of those organzational reviews mandated by ICANN By-laws is much broader, see excerpt below:
(a) The Board shall cause a periodic review of the performance and operation of each Supporting Organization, each Supporting Organization Council, each Advisory Committee (other than the Governmental Advisory Committee), and the Nominating Committee (as defined in Section 8.1) by an entity or entities independent of the organization under review. The goal of the review, to be undertaken pursuant to such criteria and standards as the Board shall direct, shall be to determine (i) whether that organization, council or committee has a continuing purpose in the ICANN structure, (ii) if so, whether any change in structure or operations is desirable to improve its effectiveness and (iii) whether that organization, council or committee is accountable to its constituencies, stakeholder groups, organizations and other stakeholders.
When determining 4.4.(a) (i) (ii) and (iii) above (purpose, structure and accountability of the SO/AC in question), it seems to me a self-review would not be appropriate as it would lack independence or impartiality. Maybe it can be a supplement to an external independent review but it should not be a substitute.

Kind regards,

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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the response.
I understand the intent with this role for SO/AC leaders. I cannot speak how it would work for other SO/AC but I guess we can elaborate more how it is expected to be done within GNSO? but maybe it is beyond the scope of this public comment which focused on timeline and planning issue and the question is more related to operating standards. no idea if that a new document will be put for community comment.



Le lun. 30 juil. 2018 à 01:07, Carlos Raul Gutierrez <carlosraul at gutierrez.se> a écrit :
Dear Rafik,

 Thanks for your quedtions/comments.

 ll organizational reviews start with the procurement by ICANN org of an "Independence" expert, which normally starts with a questionnaire to all parties, based in which the recommendations are developed. 

 Then a very long discussion/implementation cycle starts. In the case of the GNSO 4 years. In the case of ALAC a protracted fight to disqualify all or most recommendations.

 The idea is to turn around the tortilla. Let the So/ACs leaderships think first about there bottlenecks and limitations. Let them choose the type of independent advice they need and write the specs. Then make better use of this external expertise, and instead of a protracted reoltuon of old conflicts, use them for a forward looking startegy.

 Just like the Council leadership has been doing in our case since the LA meeting.

 We have done in a few months much more progress that the GNSO Review in 4 years!!!! It would be great if the resources of the organizational reviews could be used in this very efficient manner present GNSO council leadership has managed us through an invite project list and new arising issues.

 If the recommendation could be focused in that direction please feel free to edit as you wish. It should be a common effort.

 Have a nice Sunday or beginning of your week.


On July 27, 2018 6:44:44 PM CST, Rafik Dammak <rafik.dammak at gmail.com> wrote: 
Hi Donna,

thanks for the draft. I have some comments asking for clarifications:
- "in terms of letting the independent expert (or  ̈coach ̈) to work in parallel with Working Party Team (or even the respective SO/AC Leadership) and collaborate towards a forward looking work strategy, instead of looking for and fixing past mistakes". I am not sure how this can work in practice or what can achieve. it is unclear to me what is the role of the independent expert in such context. can you please elaborate more?
the deliverable of independent examiner of latest organizational reviews for the different SO/AC were of variable quality and scope.
- I see that SO/AC leadership will be responsible for the organization review. but is it possible to know more what is the role description other than initiating and/or managing the budget? is the leadership will be tasked to set the terms for the reviews (as it was mentioned we don't have yet the operating standards yet). what is the relation vis-a-vis the working party?
- for benchmarking, it is a good idea but I guess it will be only effective if all organizational reviews are done in a similar way which I don't think it is the case now. it will also need more work on metrics or criteria to be agreed on for testing against and benchmark.



Le sam. 28 juil. 2018 à 01:18, Austin, Donna via council <council at gnso.icann.org> a écrit :
Thanks Julie, and thanks to the GNSO Review Working Group for their input.
All the comment period closes on 31 July, so comments or concerns should be raised today if at all possible.
From: Julie Hedlund [mailto:julie.hedlund at icann.org] 
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Subject: Re: [Ext] Options to adjust timeline for specific and organisational reviews
Dear GNSO Council members,
Further to Donna’s message below, on behalf of the GNSO Review Working Group (WG) please see the attached revised version of the draft response.  The comments from the WG appear at the bottom of page 3 and continue on the top of page 4.
Best regards,
Julie Hedlund, Policy Director
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Subject: [Ext] Options to adjust timeline for specific and organisational reviews
Dear Colleagues

On behalf of Carlos and I, please find attached for your consideration, our proposed draft response to ICANN’s Long-Term Options to Adjust the Timeline of Reviews that was posted for public comment until 31 July 2018.

https://www.icann.org/public-comments/reviews-long-term-timeline-2018-05-14-en [icann.org]

Please note that I have also asked Julie Hedlund to share the proposed comments with the GNSO Review Team for consideration. As most of you know, the Review Team is finalizing what has been a 4+ years effort, and I believe it would be timely to be able to capture any comments they may wish to make regarding Organisational Reviews. The Review Team is meeting tomorrow and we hope to have comments back from them by Friday.

With regard to the Short Term Options to Adjust the Timeline for Specific Reviews, please consider the options available at the following link and respond to the list regarding preferences.

https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/specific-reviews-short-term-timeline-fillable-form-06jun18-en.pdf [icann.org]

I suspect that it may not be possible for the Council to submit a comment on the Short-Term Options as I am already aware that the RySG will be supporting Option B, which is at odds with the views expressed by Ayden during out last Council call.


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