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Dear Council colleagues,

Please see below regarding delivering messages to the family of Stephane
Van Gelder.

Best wishes,

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Stephane’s family
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Dear Community Members:

Many community members have asked about a way for them to convey their
thoughts and impressions of Stephane Van Gelder to Stephane’s family,
including his wife Julie Talfournier Van Gelder who was here in Panama to
accept the 2018 Multistakeholder Ethos Award on his behalf.

As of this afternoon (Tuesday 26 June), we will be placing a small table in
the Convention Center foyer each day in front of the stage, with blank
notecards that anyone may use to pen a short note. ICANN organization will
collect all your notes at the end of the meeting on Thursday afternoon, and
will be sure to send them to Julie on the community’s behalf.

Best regards,


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