[council] GNSO Video Interviews in ICANN62

Ariel Liang ariel.liang at icann.org
Thu Jun 28 22:56:25 UTC 2018

Dear GNSO Councilors,

Happy the end of ICANN62!

Communications Department has produced a few video interviews for the GNSO this meeting. Special thanks to Heather, Donna, Rafik, Jeff, Cheryl, Barbara, John, Wolf-Ulrich, Tatiana, Robin, Claudia, Steve, and Martin for their participation in the interviews!

You may view the videos following the links below. These videos have also been featured in the ICANN62 newsletter.

In particular, the video of the GNSO Council Leadership discussing EPDP was the headline of today’s newsletter. There was a social media push of this video across different platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin). Staff will feature this video on the GNSO website and also include it (and the other videos) in the post ICANN meeting report.

ICANN62 GNSO Council Leadership

  *   GNSO Experiences with GDPR During the Policy Forum<https://youtu.be/iHPMeTA1uf8>

SubPro PDP

  *   New gTLD Subsequent Procedures<https://youtu.be/ujErN_AuTww>

GNSO Learn Course Videos

  *   Intro to the Commercial Stakeholder Group<https://youtu.be/w7WrrJNIOqE>
  *   Intro to the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group<https://youtu.be/uJTU2LwdEn4>
  *   Intro to the Business Constituency<https://youtu.be/PFoeUWHdSpQ>
  *   Intro to the Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency<https://youtu.be/6LqyLoI_TJY>

Have a safe trip back, and see you in Barcelona!

Best Regards,

Ariel Xinyue Liang
Policy Analyst | Washington, DC
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

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