[council] GAC update

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Wed May 2 09:01:52 UTC 2018


> So how does this impact the Board's ability to take action?
Good question. The way I read

"ICANN’s General Counsel stressed that the triggering of a consultation
 between ICANN Board and GAC is not time-bound. It is required prior to
 the ICANN Board taking action that is inconsistent with GAC Advice.
 Considering the GDPR enforcement timeline, the General Counsel
 indicated that this would have to occur prior to the ICANN Board
 approving a “temporary specification”,  between now and 24 May 2018."

is that the board needs to consult with GAC before introducing
a "temporary specification", but that it would have to happen
before May 24.


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