[council] Your input requested: MSSI trends and cocktails to replace GNSO Council dinner at ICANN62?

Marie Pattullo marie.pattullo at aim.be
Fri May 4 10:16:46 UTC 2018

Fine with me.

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On 4 May 2018, at 12:05, Ayden Férdeline <icann at ferdeline.com<mailto:icann at ferdeline.com>> wrote:

This seems a sensible change; I would have no objections to replacing the Council dinner with this exercise.

Best wishes, Ayden

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On 4 May 2018 9:58 AM, Tatiana Tropina <tatiana.tropina at gmail.com<mailto:tatiana.tropina at gmail.com>> wrote:

Dear Heather, dear all,
Excellent idea. I am very much in favour of replacing the Council dinner with this exercise/meeting.

On Fri 4. May 2018 at 09:19, Heather Forrest <haforrestesq at gmail.com<mailto:haforrestesq at gmail.com>> wrote:

Dear Council colleagues,

As we work towards finalising the ICANN62 GNSO schedule, Council leadership has been thinking creatively with ICANN staff to find an opportunity for the GNSO Council to undertake the “trends exercise” conducted by Theresa Swinehart’s team (MSSI). This exercise is intended to be an input to ICANN’s next strategic plan. Donna and I had an opportunity to participate in a similar exercise during the SO/AC Chairs’ workshop held prior to the start of ICANN61 and found it to be an interesting exercise. We think it is useful to capture the particular perspective of the GNSO Council as manager of the GNSO PDP in this trends exercise as a complement to the inputs of the various SGs and Cs and consistent with our discussions at the Strategic Planning Session back in January. ICANN62 offers the best timing for us to do this before Theresa’s team finalises its data gathering and contributes this to ICANN Org for strategic plan development.

At the same time, we are mindful of the limited time available to us during a policy forum meeting and we have taken the general approach so far in drafting the ICANN62 schedule of prioritising PDP time over Council meetings. We therefore seek your input on the idea of conducting the “trends exercise” as the Council over cocktails on the Wednesday evening from 18:30-19:30. This would replace the traditional Council dinner, free up the remainder of an evening for any other plans and experiment a new format, but would still offer us an opportunity to get together informally over drinks and canapes, enjoy each other’s company, while contributing our unique perspective to the “trends” that have been identified by other parts of the community to date.

Please contribute your thoughts on this idea of getting together on Wednesday evening (ie, the evening after the GNSO Council meeting) over cocktails, in lieu of the traditional Council dinner.

Best wishes,

Heather Forrest

Donna Austin

Rafik Dammak

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