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Dear Council colleagues,

Further information below on the published options to adjust the timelines
of ICANN Reviews.

For us to consider whether Council would benefit from a Q&A session, or
whether this would best happen through SG/Cs. Here we might bear in mind
that the Council's Standing Selection Committee was set up to manage the
selection of GNSO candidates to specific reviews, and whether that gives
rise to particular questions we want to ask.

Best wishes, happy weekend to all,

Heather Forrest

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Dear Community Leaders

As many of you may know, yesterday we published public comments for
short-term and long-term options to potentially adjust the timeline of
ICANN Reviews. This is in response to issues raised by the community about
the number of concurrent reviews and the strain that this has placed on
volunteer and ICANN org resources. We’re hoping to share some additional
opportunities for engagement and discussion on this important topic. I was
wondering if you could help us to promote these resources with your
respective communities?

   - Theresa Swinehart has shared a high-level introduction on the Public
   Comments on Review Timelines in her blog post published today. The post
   includes background information, key resources, and requests for the
   community to share their input via two public comments:

   - Two webinars will also be offered to help the ICANN Community
   understand the proposals and provide additional opportunity for Q&A. To
   participate, please request a calendar invitation by sending your email
   request to mssi-secretariat at icann.org and indicate which webinar you
   will join.

   - Webinar 1: 07 June 2018: 5:00-6:00 UTC[local time
   - Webinar 2: 07 June 2018:17:00-18:00 UTC [local time

   - Last, if community members are interested, we are encouraging them to
   invite us to present options and hold a Q&A with their constituencies via a
   remote call.  Interested parties can schedule this by emailing:
   reviews at icann.org.

As always, thank you for your support.

Sherwood Moore

Senior Project Manager, Strategic Communication & Community Engagement

424.443.8216 | sherwood.moore at icann.org

Skype: sherwood.moore.icann

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