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For your information, you’ll find below draft notes of the yesterday’s ccNSO council call. I’d like to draw your attention on a few points which are related to on-going work here:

-       The appointment of a new ccNSO liaison to GSNO, to be formally notified to the GSNO council later

-       Elements on on-going/planned changes to the customer standing committee, which shed some light on the rationale for the proposed charter review / report consultation were are having just now

-       The creation of a study group on emojis, which includes “proponents” of that use.

-       Placeholder for discussion on CSC effectiveness during our joint meeting in Panama

These are only informal notes and we should take them as that but I think it’s worthwhile sharing now given our on-going work. Hope this is helpful.



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Dear all,

Please find some high-level notes from the ccNSO Council earlier today below.

Best regards,


  1.  Welcome and apologies

Attendance list is available at: http://ccnso.icann.org/about/council/attendance.htm

2.                   Minutes and Actions

3.                   Overview inter-meeting council decisions

  *   Appointed coordination team CSC related matters
  *   Decided on the start date of the european special council elections

4.                   Guideline: ccNSO Procedure for the exercise of the empowered community’s rights to reject Specified Actions

Complicated, but the guideline can be found in your inbox. GRC has done its best, even though future adjustments might be needed. Thanks to Stephen for his efforts in drafting the guideline.

ECA Update:

GNSO Rejection Action Petition Period. Has to do with voting thresholds for the various houses. Letter from ICANN legal : 21 may clarification of the 19 may letter, which contains a mistake (reference to Annex A, whereas it should be ICANN Bylaws chapter 11). Purely a GNSO matter, administrative clean-up.

     *   Approval of the proposed guideline



All in favour. The guideline is adopted.

2.                   Call for volunteers (Councillors) to serve as Rejection Action Petition Manager and back-up

Chair is deputy for the position of Stephen in the ECA. So Katrina and Stephen cannot apply for this position.

We need a Rejection Action Petition Manager, and a Deputy Rejection Action Petition Manager. They review the petitions we receive, and advise the council on the way forward.  We are planning to run some educational sessions, to ensure that those that volunteer are well aware of the process.  These people cannot submit any rejection action petitions

Action Item: Secretariat will send out call for volunteers to the ccNSO Council.

3.                   Call for 2 additional volunteers (Councillors) Rejection Action Petition Review Committee

Action Item: Secretariat will send out call for volunteers to the ccNSO Council.

5.                   Appointment ccNSO Liaison to the GNSO Council

One response to the call for volunteers: Adebiyi Oladipo (.ng)

Chairs, vice-chairs are appointed on a yearly basis. However, the guideline on the appointment of liaisons does not specify this yearly appointment. To be reviewed. No necessarily a term limit.

Move? Nigel

Seconder? Abibu

Against? None

Abstentions? None

All in favour

Action item: chair to inform Biyi and the GNSO Council.  GRC to update the guideline

6.                   Study Group Emoji

     *   Response on letter ICANN CTO

Not clear why we have received this letter. We previously discussed what we were going to do with SSAC, with the community, etc.

Is there a need to respond? What points to be included in that response?

Nigel: proposes that the chair thanks the CTO and noted its content.

2.                   Appointment members Study Group

Call for volunteers, with a good response rate.

Table with all volunteers. 2 volunteers not associated to a ccTLD: Jon Roig and Page Howard.  All submitted their Consent Form.

Nigel: regarding the membership of the Study Group, it is desirable that we have a diversity of viewpoints. Concerned if a Study Group has too many viewpoints that point in one direction.

Move? Stephen

Seconded? Alejandra

For decision: We appoint all volunteers. Chair invited to inform SSAC. SSAC to participate as well in this Group

Against? None

Abstentions? None

All in favour

7.                   CSC members selection process

     *   Position Jay Daley

Jay replaced Brian Cute as interim CEO of PIR.

Jay’s term ends in October.

Nigel: supports the proposed resolution. Useful opportunity to address a Conflict of Interest Policy, that applies to for instance councillors and appointees to for instance CSC.

Bart: in the amended charter there will be note regarding changing circumstances for members of the CSC (Khal Ferer and Elaine Pruise also changed their affiliation)

Stephen: also supports Jay staying on board.

2.                   Kick-off selection process ccNSO appointed member on CSC

Guideline: specifies that we need to start a month before the term expires. 4 members, 2 appointed by ccNSO, 2 by RySG. Initial appointment: 1 member will serve for 3 years (Byron), 1 will serve for 2 years (Jay).  ccNSO council and GNSO Council will need to appoint the full slate, which means members and liaisons. Term of liaisons from RSAC and GAC will end. They may be re-appointed.

Proposed timeline displayed in zoom.

Committee with 6 members, 1 per region, and 1 NomCom appointee, that consults with RySG instead of the entire council. For decision: does the selection committee only consult with RySG, or will they also approve the full slate on behalf of the full ccNSO Council? This is what we did last time.

However, the member is selected by the entire council.

Move? Pablo

Seconded? Stephen

Against? None

Abstentions? None

All in favour

8.                   Scheduling of specific, organisational, and other reviews

ICANN Org invites the community to provide feedback.  Obvious that we nor ICANN Org can cope with all the reviews running in parallel. WHOIS RS2: one of the arguments used was that we asked for the Operating Standards to be in place first. We also mentioned that there are too many reviews in parallel.


  *   GRC statement to be prepared, to be reviewed by the ccNSO Council.
  *   Should we not stay involved?

Draft resolution: prepare a ccNSO statement

Move? Stephen

Seconded? Alejandra?

Abstentions? None

Against? None

All in favour

9.                   Engagement Group on IG

     *   Overview of activities and update

Young-eum: The group sent the proposed reviewed charter to the SO/ACs. Waiting for comments.

Katrina: comments on the wording. In the April 2017 council meeting, we agreed upon questions to the CCWG. They were brought to the attention of the leadership during the June meeting. To date, no response has been received.

Our questions are still relevant, and feedback would be appreciated.

Young-eum: The group’s sentiment was to address these issues in the revised charter. Additional response to the questions separately is desirable.

Concerns by Katrina:

  *   ccNSO as participating organisation does not have any say in the membership. What is our role here? What is the role of the council?
  *   How will the reporting back to the community happen?
  *   How are the community views being gathered?
  *   What happens on a global level and within icann? E.g. ICANN Board group that deals with IG, ICANN Org staff that works on IG, the engagement group on IG. How are these initiatives related, coordinated?

Young-eum: We often do not know what other organisations are planning, e.g. ITU. That is also why the roles are sometimes not clearly outlined.

This group is trying to coordinate the activities within ICANN as a group working together with ICANN staff and the board. To address issues outside of ICANN. Often this is ad hoc.

Katrina: proposed to re-send the questions, and wait for feedback.  Many ccTLDs and RO’s are involved in IG work.

2.                   Amendment of Charter

10.               Responsiveness Councillors on calls to assist preparing Panama Sessions


None of the councillors stepped forward. Barrack volunteered.  Discouraging that none of the council members stepped forward. Call to work together and to distribute the workload. Unless there are more volunteers from the council that step forward, we will start appointing people.

Let’s lead by example, and give the good example to the community.  You know what the value is of the ccNSO.  Everybody has certain qualities, and the majority of the ccTLDs are non native EN speakers.


  *   LACTLD will be organising a workshop on June 21-22 in Panama. There will be a session on the participation of the ccTLDs from the region in the ccNSO: discussion panel. Pablo, Demi, Bart will be part of that panel. To help encourage the community to further engage with the ccNSO.  Especially to those non-spanish speaking ccTLDs from the region.
  *   Thanks for the support by you and the Secretariat. Thanks also to fellow council members that provide a helping hand. People are hesitant to ask for help.


follow-up from the discussion in Puerto Rico. If you do not add value, and are not an active participant, it does not make sense to participate. Language barrier: non English speakers.


Ability to engage in a conversation in a second language is appreciated.

11.               PDP Retirement

Getting prepared for the Panama meeting.

Face-to-face meeting in Panama from 09:00 to noon on Thursday.

Closure on language at the face to face meeting

12.               ECA, CSC, RZERC Update

     *   ECA

21 may letter as a correction, however the 19th of may was a deadline. ECA is wondering what to do about this.

Nigel: important to set the expectations. We expect people to follow the rules.

2.                   CSC

Report received

3.                   RZERC

Report received

13.               ICANN62

     *   ccNSO Council meetings

Monday, 25 June (Day 1)

12:15-13:30 – ccNSO Council Preparatory Meeting (lunch)

Monday, 25 June 2018 (Day 1)

18.30-19:30 – Joint ccNSO / GNSO (with cocktail)

Topics: CSC charter update, initiating CSC Effectiveness review,  progress cross-community groups (Auction Proceeds, Internet Governance)

Tuesday, 26 June 2018 (Day 2)

14:00-15:00– Joint ccNSO / GAC

Topics meeting with GAC?

Peter: joint session with GAC reduced to 60 minutes. Kindly inform Peter on the topics to be addressed.

E.g. participation of GAC in the ccNSO PDP

Wednesday 27 June 2018  (Day 3)

17:00-18:30 ccNSO Council Face to Face Meeting

2.                   ICANN62 ccNSO Meetings Agenda

Block Schedule displayed on zoom.

Main changes:

  *   ccNSO Council on Wednesday
  *   ccNSO cocktail: requested to have it after the networking hour scheduled by ICANN. Starting at 19:30
  *   ccTLD News Slightly shorted, and the volunteer session is now slightly longer

Pablo: will there be a follow-up session on the disaster session from Puerto Rico?
Alejandra: yes. Wednesday, from 09:00 to 09:45, to build on something for Barcelona.

14.               Council updates

     *   Chair update
     *   Vice-chair update
     *   Councillor update
     *   Regional organisations Update
     *   Secretariat update

15.               WG Update

     *   GRC
     *   CCWG Auction Proceeds
     *   SOPC
     *   GNSO PDP Subsequent procedures WT5

16.               Liaison updates

     *   GNSO Update
     *   ALAC update

17.               Next meetings

27 June – face to face, Panama City

23 August – 12:00 UTC (July and Aug combined)

20 September 18:00 UTC

October – face to face, Barcelona (date tbd)

15 November – 11:00 UTC

13 December – 17:00 UTC

18.               AOB

  *   GDPR: If you go to the ccNSO website, you will see a link to the updated privacy policy.
  *   NomCom update by Pablo. In March, a number of applications were received. Candidates that applied for various positions. 37 individuals were interviewed. Face-to-face meetings in Panama. The final selection will be made there.
  *   Does GDPR affect our procedures? The ccNSO website is maintained by ICANN Org, part of the internal ICANN Org rules and procedures.  Other changes: subscription to WGs. We now seek consent.  SOI being published: will have an impact. Bart to verify.

Thank you all, see you in Panama, and remember to volunteer.

Joke Braeken
ccNSO Policy Advisor
joke.braeken at icann.org<mailto:joke.braeken at icann.org>

Follow @ccNSO on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ccNSO
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