[council] Fwd: Appointment of the ccNSO liaison to the GNSO

Heather Forrest haforrestesq at gmail.com
Sat May 26 09:43:49 UTC 2018

Dear Council colleagues,

I am pleased to bring to your attention the notification below from Katrina
Sataki, ccNSO Chair, regarding the appointment of Adebiyi Oladipo as ccNSO
liaison to the GNSO.

Best wishes,


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From: Katrina Sataki <katrina at nic.lv>
Date: Sat, May 26, 2018 at 2:35 AM
Subject: Appointment of the ccNSO liaison to the GNSO
To: Heather Forrest <haforrestesq at gmail.com>
Cc: ccnsosecretariat at icann.org, Marika Konings <marika.konings at icann.org>,
biyi at biyioladipo.name.ng

To : Heather Forrest, Chair of the GNSO Council

Re: appointment of the ccNSO liaison to the GNSO

25 May 2018

Dear Heather,

It is my pleasure to inform you that the ccNSO Council has appointed
Adebiyi Oladipo (.ng) as the ccNSO liaison to the GNSO.

I hope the GNSO support team will add Adebiyi (biyi at biyioladipo.name.ng) at
their earliest convenience to the relevant mailing lists and send him
details of any upcoming meetings.

For your information I have included the relevant section from the
Guideline: ccNSO Liaisons and Observers (https://ccnso.icann.org/
guideline-liaisons-observers-24mar17-en.pdf ) on the expected roles and
responsibilities from our appointed liaisons:

•             To participate diligently and actively in the meetings and
activities of the GNSO on an ongoing and long-term basis;

•             To communicate and advocate the positions of the ccNSO to the

•             To report to the ccNSO on current and upcoming activities of
the GNSO that may be of relevance to the ccNSO and broader ccTLD community;

•             If feasible and considered relevant ask to the ccNSO for
advance guidance, if any, on matters that are going to be discussed by the

•             Participate in GNSO-ccNSO Council meetings agenda committee
to prepare the f-2-f meetings, if any.

Finally, as both Adebiyi and Phillippe are (relatively) new with respect to
their roles as liaisons, we suggest that for both liaisons we try to
organise a high-level webinar to brief them on the working method and
procedures of the GNSO and ccNSO (Councils) respectively. All Councillors
are also welcome, should they wish to participate. If you agree, I suggest
that we ask Marika Konings and Bart Boswinkel to organise such a webinar,
preferably before ICANN62.

On behalf of the ccNSO Council,

Katrina Sataki,

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