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Thanks for this, Heather.

It seems sensible to me to schedule a call for the week of June 4. I would support this being an open call for all interested Councillors. That week, [EuroDIG](https://www.eurodig.org/index.php?id=76) is June 5 and 6, so it is possible this may impact attendance, depending on the time that the call is scheduled.

Recent actions by ICANN org raise more questions than answers (i.e. escalating a minor compliance issue to a Court as a first course of action). I hope we can get some more information out of the Board or org as to what this supposed game plan is, as we have had a serious information asymmetry for over a year now, with ICANN org pursuing a GDPR strategy while the community has been kept in the dark.

I very much support the request on our recent call for a post mortem on why the RDS PDP WG failed, but before we can contemplate an ePDP, I feel strongly that we need more clarity around what ICANN org is up to. We do not want to be unintentionally undermined.

Best wishes,


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On 26 May 2018 11:42 AM, Heather Forrest <haforrestesq at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Council colleagues,
> Please find below a letter to the Council from Board Chairman Cherine Chalaby, who followed our discussions last week on next steps. His invitation of further questions from us link neatly to our discussions in the Council meeting on a follow-up call with the Board. A Google doc for capturing questions for the Board was circulated by staff soon after the Council meeting ended.
> Unless there are objections I suggest that Council leadership and staff start on Monday working on scheduling this call for the week of 4 June (ie, after we have had the opportunity next week to discuss within SG/Cs and capture questions in the Google doc). Based on the number of volunteers who raised hands during our Council meeting, I suggest we open the call invitation to all interested GNSO Council members.
> Best wishes and happy weekend to all,
> Heather
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> Dear Heather,
> Please find the attached letter from Cherine Chalaby regarding a request on behalf of the ICANN Board for consultation with the GNSO.
> You may expect the letter to be posted to the ICANN Correspondence page: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/correspondence.
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